best bedside mannerPlease join us in congratulating Dr. David Schleider for being honored with an award for  “Best Bedside Manner” from OurHealth Richmond Magazine! For the past 6 years, OurHealth Richmond has polled the public for local medical providers that have the best bedside manner, and Dr. Schleider of Commonwealth Prosthodontics has been recognized in the Cosmetic Dentistry category.

The Best Bedside Manner Award is earned by medical providers that have made an impression of excellence on their patients.  It is voted on solely by patients, not by other medical providers, and is a rating system where patients share their personal experiences with nominated doctors.  The Best Bedside Manner award is earned by medical providers who blend outstanding care with compassion and empathy within their field.

Over local residents voted for more than 405 medical providers in over 81 specialties.  Local residents answered the call to nominate and vote in March, and have chosen Dr. Schleider as having an exceptional bedside manner.

Many times, people attend dental appointments with anxiety about their treatment needs, or unease about what they will be told they need to do. Dr. Schleider prides himself on using the latest advanced technologies while ensuring the most comfortable patient experience possible.  

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Schleider and experience his excellent bedside manner, please contact Commonwealth Prosthodontics at (804) 346-3366.